Know Your Worth

A lot of times when a woman leaves a long term relationship the man’s very first thoughts are “she found someone else"or “how could she do this “ all these years together“ and so much more, BUT what men don’t think about is all the times she went to sleep feeling like crap because of all the times that he disrespected her or how he kept saying he would change but never did...Men don’t think about all the times she was there when no one else was. How she prayed to God to help him change. Men don’t think about how she always put everyone and everything before herself. Men don’t think about how all her friends and family told her to walk away but she still stayed. No...all men can think is “how could she do this” ...women don’t just wake up one day and decide to leave. A mans actions, his words, the way he makes her feel builds up over time and eventually all his crap becomes this weight that she just can’t carry anymore. When she stops venting to you, when she stops getting on you, when she stops trying to get you to see things her way just know it’s not because you won and finally she’ll put up with everything, it’s because she’s preparing her escape from your toxic ways. So no she didn’t leave you to find someone else . She left so she can find HERSELF.

Appreciate your woman while you have her, fellas... Because she will get the courage to walk away one day.

Ladies...know and realize your worth, love yourself

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But GOD..... AS THE QUEEN BECOMES THAT ONE who got away Kellie Green #gds is on the mainline. We develop badges of honor through a journey called life. Looking back it was all worth it. I wholeheartedly LOVE, HONOR, CHERISH, AND RESPECT myself every milo second of the day. (If milo second is even a proper termination , it is right now). This way when I look in the mirror at him it was the Law of ATTRACTION for me.

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