Thoughtful Tuesday!

As today comes to a close let us have




As MANY are not here with us,and yesterday was their last day on earth. Let us remember the importance of LIVING and becoming our BEST selves. GOD; I ask you to.... Keep us focused with our eyes WIDE OPEN and not shut. With understanding we all are in this together no class, entity, or being is EXEMPT to the evil that roams. Let us be cloaked and ARMORED not forgetting we are each others KEEPERS. God loves a CHEERFUL GIVER for that's where the real JUDGEMENT resides. Actions= RESULTS Man does not control the flow of BLESSINGS, but can be obedient to giving and receiving the Blessing. As long as God approves, the reward wont come back VOID.@kellie green

P.S. if all you can do is pray for someone with a cheerful heart is worth the faith of a mustard seed. We must all do better to be better to receive BETTER.


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