Thoughtful Tuesday

Happy thoughtful Tuesday All.

As we think about how blessed we are, praise his whole Name. We have been marching for years to victory. No matter the storm, our ancestors never gave up on the vision. When you receive one, cherish and don't stop until its accomplished. When invited to be a party of this community at its Magnitude was breathtaking. It filled me with so much admiration collectively speaking. If we put this same energy into being ground, trustworthy, and good intentions; then we will get back more abundance in return. We stopped trusting the process, and leaning more to our understanding. Let us revert back one day at a time to execute in time. With decency and order does it only get remember for good service. At the end of my journey the final statement I want to hear is WELL DONE MY FAITHFUL SERVANT, AMEN as I look to the hills which

cometh my help. May the Leaders take hold and be my beacon of light as my ancestors taught the importance of Faith of a mustard seed. Lord let us all unite for a better NOW not tomorrow!

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