Wishful Wednesday!

Yes God! We opened up our eyes and it was Joyful. Today I ask that your creations are a blessing to someone ELSE. I ask that pride does not come before need. To ask and to receive is recommended procedure. Someone we know is in need of something priceless today such as; a verbal greeting, compliment, or affirmation. The Alpha and Omega to an individual's church is kept together by the mental deliverance one gives themselves daily. No, not ONE person was given permission to Judge; therefore, it behooves us to act out of Love or mind your BUSINESS. We do have the power to hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE (1ST)in doing self work before contributing any kind of energy outward (frequencies and vibrations). In closing, my wish for today is that WE as a community walk around ALIVE SPIRITUALLY and not dead soulfully. The worst thing on earth is to walk around in a mental prison of it's own. For the grace of GOD, it could be anyone of US. If you don't have nothing educated, nice, or SPIRITUALLY uplifting to belch PLEASE SAY NOTHING AT ALL. IN GOD'S NAME, Let the individual church say AMEN@Kellie Green #AMEN

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